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Your Options for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are your body’s messenger system. They send the chemical signals that tell your body when to do this or that, coordinating virtually every system inside you. It stands to reason that when hormone balances change, so do the functions of those systems. Perhaps the best-known result of hormone imbalance is menopause in women, or andropause when men suffer similar changes.  

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has long been a solution for falling estrogen levels in women and for men when testosterone production declines. You may not realize though that HRT isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You have options, from dosage strength to delivery method and even to the chemical type of hormone used. HRT remains the most effective way for women to combat the hot flashes that often accompany menopause.

Dr. Betsy Horton and the team at Alpha Internal Medicine often recommend the BioTE® bioidentical hormone replacement system for their patients seeking HRT solutions. They believe the BioTE pellet delivery system is the most reliable and stable way to deliver the therapy you need.

Hormone therapy: are you a candidate?

Like many medical treatments and procedures, HRT carries both benefits and drawbacks that need consideration before you proceed with therapy. The symptoms of menopause vary widely between women, so the severity of these is often a deciding factor for the decision to try HRT.

The best candidates for HRT are in otherwise good health, but who:

The bioidentical advantage

Not all synthetic hormones identically match the molecular structure of their natural counterparts produced by the body. They still produce the same effects as natural hormones, but it’s thought by some that these tiny chemical differences play a role in the side effects seen with traditional HRT. Bioidentical synthetic hormones perfectly match the chemical structure of natural hormones. When you have the choice, the bioidentical option may be the safest solution.

Pellet delivery

Subcutaneous pellets deliver your hormone supplements in a steady, round the clock way that’s impossible to duplicate with oral medications. A tiny pellet, implanted under the skin of your hip, releases a steady stream of HRT directly to your bloodstream. Since these hormones don’t need to survive the trip through your digestive system, you receive a smaller dose that’s more effectively delivered where you need it.

Pellet implant is a simple office procedure, done as little as twice a year. Your dosage depends on the severity of your symptoms and extensive blood analysis that provides a good understanding of your body chemistry.

The team at Alpha Internal Medicine are BioTE experts, trained in the safe administration of bioidentical HRT delivered in pellet form. Find out more by contacting the office by phone or with the online booking tool. The comfort of balanced hormones may be closer than you think. Book your consultation today.

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