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BioTE Specialist

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BioTE hormone pellet therapy is ideal for patients who want to balance their hormone levels using an all-natural supplement. Dr. Betsy Horton at Alpha Internal Medicine offers BioTE hormone pellet therapy to patients in Fayetteville, Georgia, and the surrounding area. Patients interested in this service should contact Alpha Internal Medicine for more information or book an appointment online.

BioTE Q & A

What is BioTE hormone pellet therapy?

BioTE hormone pellets release bio-identical testosterone or estrogen from all-natural sources into the body. The purpose of BioTE hormone pellet therapy is to balance the body’s hormones to prevent disease and improve the patient’s overall health.

What is a bio-identical hormone supplement?

A bio-identical hormone supplement is a supplement that contains hormones with the exact same structure as the ones found in the human body. Bio-identical hormone supplements are more effective than other types of supplements.

Who is a good candidate for BioTE hormone pellet therapy?

BioTE hormone pellet therapy is appropriate for both men and women. Most people who opt for this type of therapy are over the age of 30.

What are the benefits of BioTE hormone pellet therapy?

For women, bio-identical estrogen can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, stroke, and heart attack. This type of therapy may also help women who suffer from frequent migraine headaches. In addition, bio-identical testosterone can improve women’s libido, muscle mass, bone density, and strength. For men, bio-identical testosterone can replace some of the testosterone men typically lose as they age.

Is BioTE hormone pellet therapy better than other hormone replacement or supplement options?

BioTE offers several advantages over the other options available, including patches, shots, pills, and creams. BioTE hormone pellet therapy provides a bio-identical hormone that the body doesn’t metabolize into byproducts. Instead, the body is able to extract the exact amount of hormone that it needs from the pellets. The pellets contain no synthetic ingredients or fillers, so they will dissolve on their own over time.

Which hormones do patients need to take?

Women can benefit from both bio-identical estrogen and bio-identical testosterone. Both of these hormones play an important role in the functioning of the female body. Men can benefit from taking bio-identical testosterone, which replaces some of the testosterone typically lost with age.

How often do patients need to use BioTE hormone pellet therapy?

Women should use pellets once every 3-4 months. Men should use pellets once every 4-5 months. Dr. Horton can help patients decide exactly when they should use pellets.