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Primary Care Specialist

Alpha Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine & Internal Medicine located in Fayetteville, GA

Most people fulfill their everyday medical needs through primary care medicine, a physician-based form of health care that provides important preventive care and serves as the access point to prescription medication as well as specialized care, when either is needed. Dr. Betsy Horton and her top-notch team strive to deliver quality care to every patient at Alpha Internal Medicine, a primary care and internal medicine practice in Fayetteville, Georgia. Call to schedule your primary care appointment today or use the online booking feature.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care medicine?

High-quality primary care medicine is arguably the most important element of successful healthcare because your physician becomes your go-to provider for all your general medical issues and routine preventive care needs. Dr. Horton is a primary care physician specializing in internal medicine and generally sees patients from the ages of 15 and up. She can provide allergy testing for patients with severe allergies, in addition to those with sinus issues. She is also specifically trained to:

  • Provide comprehensive first-contact care for patients with any undiagnosed signs, symptoms, or health concerns
  • Provide continuing care for established patients, including the management of chronic or acute illnesses or conditions
  • Recognize early signs of serious diseases or conditions
  • Identify problems that may require further medical intervention
  • Offer screenings and make recommendations to prevent disease
  • Perform routine preventative physicals and vaccinations
  • Collaborate with other clinicians and health professionals to coordinate patient care

What is preventive primary care?

Many people die from preventable illnesses like heart disease and diabetes every single year. That’s why chronic disease prevention is one of the main goals of primary care medicine. Dr. Horton uses routine health screenings, annual wellness physicals, and patient-specific screenings, such as A1cs (used to measure blood glucose levels), to help identify health issues and risks as early as possible. Identifying and managing pre-diabetic conditions, excess body weight, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can help you avoid full-blown diabetes or heart disease, and may even help prevent a heart attack or stroke. Immunizations, another important component of preventive primary care, can also help protect you from numerous dangerous diseases, including influenza.

How can health education help me sustain long-term health?

If you’re relatively healthy, you’ll probably only see Dr. Horton once a year for your annual wellness physical. That means your lifestyle and the health-related choices you make have a far greater influence on your health than your doctor does. And that’s exactly why health education is such an important piece of primary care medicine.

By providing you with the detailed information and recommendations you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Horton empowers you with tools you need to prevent chronic illnesses that result from poor health habits. It’s important to Dr. Horton that her patients understand the far-reaching impact that diet, exercise, and lifestyle have on their overall health. He’ll talk with you about:

  • How to make better nutritional choices
  • How much exercise you should get each day
  • How much sleep you may need
  • How to better deal with stress
  • How to stop smoking or drinking excessively

If you think you might be due for a primary care visit, Dr. Horton offers same-day appointments for your convenience. Call today or book an appointment online.