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Could I Benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Could I Benefit from Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Changes in hormone levels over the course of a lifetime are normal. Adolescence comes as a result of a huge upswing in gender-defining hormones, controlling the journey from childhood to adulthood. 

Similarly, these same hormones fall off as a person’s reproductive years begin to pass. For women, this means menopause, when they are no longer able to conceive. Men don’t have a clearly defined fertility barrier, but they can sometimes suffer side effects from reduced hormone production. 

When symptoms are severe enough to interfere with daily life, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is often the treatment of choice. The team at Alpha Internal Medicine in Fayetteville, Georgia, often recommend BioTE® pellets for effective, long-lasting bioidentical HRT. 

What is bioidentical HRT?

Synthetic forms of natural substances found in your body can have the same effects as their natural counterparts, even when their molecular structure varies slightly. Though HRT has been used effectively for decades, there are rare cases where it produces unwanted side effects, like many other medications. 

In an effort to reduce these side effects, many practitioners turn to synthetic hormones that are chemically the same as their natural versions, medically called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT. While research is still ongoing, it’s thought that bioidentical replacements may match body receptors more closely, which may be part of the reason behind side effects. 

Common HRT hormones

Estrogen therapy is the most common form of HRT, since the symptoms of menopause can be severe and are suffered by many women. However, estrogen isn’t the only hormone available for HRT. Progesterone and testosterone are also commonly used. While testosterone is typically the hormone in short supply for men, some women can benefit from testosterone supplements, too. 

How you can benefit from HRT

Any time you suffer from symptoms of hormone deficiency that interfere with daily living or quality of life, HRT may be a treatment option. There are several key benefits, including these four. 

Hot flashes

Perhaps the most notorious symptom of menopause, hot flashes tend to start during perimenopause and then continue for a few years into menopause. These can be so severe that they disturb sleep or otherwise interrupt your day. HRT is the most effective way to ease the severity of hot flashes. 

Bone loss

Estrogen for women and testosterone for men each play a role in maintaining bone density. HRT can slow the increasing porosity of bones that can lead to osteoporosis and brittle bones.  

Vaginal and urinary issues

Estrogen can also counter physical changes to vaginal tissue that often accompany menopause. These changes can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable or painful, as well as contributing to urinary system dysfunction. Topical estrogen creams are often the choice for treating these issues. 

Sexual response

Both women and men can experience reduced libido when their primary sex hormone levels fall as they get older. HRT often restores lagging sexual desire. 

There are a long list of benefits that HRT can offer you. Contact Alpha Internal Medicine to find out about these, as well as the benefits of BioTE subcutaneous pellets, which free you from the drawbacks of oral medications. You can reach the office by phone or online, so book your consultation now to sidestep the symptoms that low hormone levels may be creating for you. 

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