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Are You Going Through Menopause? Bioidentical Hormones Can Help

Are You Going Through Menopause? Bioidentical Hormones Can Help

There’s often a sense of freedom when you reach menopause. There are no more monthly periods or pregnancy surprises. Many women find it a liberating time of their lives. 

However, there are often a wide range of body reactions to menopause, which is driven by reduced production of estrogen in the body. This inevitably changes the hormone balance in your body. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) might be your best alternative if menopause symptoms become excessive. The team at Alpha Internal Medicine are women’s health specialists and they offer BioTE pellet hormone therapy to their patients. They’re your first call in Fayetteville, Georgia, when you wish to learn more about BHRT. 

Symptoms of menopause

Every woman experiences their own combination of symptoms after menopause, each with its own severity. Some women experience few symptoms while others experience many. 

Hot flashes, night sweats, and accompanying chills tend to be among the most common, a minor annoyance or a major issue, depending on how disruptive the episodes are. Temperature problems can interfere with sleep, and insomnia may be its own menopause side effect. 

Falling estrogen levels can also cause changes in the tissue in and around the vagina, resulting in dryness that can lead to uncomfortable or painful intercourse as well as urinary system disorders, including incontinence. 

You may also experience changes in your mood, skin, hair, and metabolism in the months and years following menopause. 

Hormone therapy

Though there has been controversial research on the risks of hormone therapy in the past, it’s generally accepted by doctors and researchers that when used correctly, hormone replacement therapy is the most effective way to relieve many of the symptoms of menopause. 

Replacing naturally produced estrogen and other hormones with synthesized versions can reduce the severity of or eliminate symptoms altogether. These artificial hormones can be derived in labs in different ways. Because of their complexity, hormones have different formulations even though they act the same way upon your body. 

BioTE pellets

BioTE uses synthesized hormones that are molecular matches for those produced by your body. While any artificial estrogen may be able to relieve hot flashes, for example, the theory behind bioidentical hormones is that risks of side effects may be reduced because of the perfect molecular match. 

Research to confirm this is still in progress, but BHRT is growing in popularity because there’s no added risk in choosing this treatment, and there may be advantages. 

As well as bioidentical hormones, BioTE delivers through a subcutaneous pellet. These pellets supply a steady level of hormone replacement for up to six months. With oral hormones, levels fluctuate depending on how much hormone survives the trip through your digestive system as well as time between doses. Pellets avoid the digestive process altogether and supply hormones around the clock until depletion. 

Your BHRT experience should be custom designed for you. The process starts by contacting Alpha Internal Medicine, by phone or online. Book your consultation now to learn more about BioTE and the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement. 

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