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5 Benefits of Dysport

5 Benefits of Dysport

Did you know that, over time, your expressions take a toll on your appearance? Worry lines and squinting lines happen so often, the muscles that form them take on a permanent semi-contracted state. In combination with thinner, less elastic skin, these active wrinkles can make you look older and more stern. 

It’s a difficult problem to treat. At least it was until the introduction of botulinum toxin type A injectable treatments. These neuromodulators cause muscles to relax and when injected strategically, they can smooth out unwanted expressions and lines with long-lasting results. 

Rather than simply a generic product made by several manufacturers, each of these neuromodulator products has its own formula and properties. Dysport® uses a unique protein in greater dilutions, offering a range of benefits to help you. The team at Alpha Internal Medicine is standing by to help you learn more about this powerful anti-aging process.

How Dysport works

Glabella lines are the vertical creases that begin to appear on your lower forehead, between the eyes. These are often called “the elevens” for their similarity to the number, two parallel lines. Common when you frown or squint, glabella lines may adopt a semi-permanent contracted state, never fully relaxing. This results in a constant stern appearance you may not want. 

Dysport uses abobotulinumtoxin A as an active ingredient, and it specifically targets moderate to severe glabella lines. Because of its unique properties, it’s not recommended for mild problems. Mild lines may be better treated with other products. Dysport also works well in combination with dermal fillers and other cosmetic procedures. Typically administered in a 20-minute office visit, Dysport requires no recovery time. 

5 benefits of Dysport

If glabella lines are a problem area for you, Dysport may be the solution you’ve been awaiting. Its special formulation produces results that ideally match the symptoms of glabella contractions. Here are five key benefits you can expect from your Dysport treatment. 

Targeted procedure

There are no compromises in performance with Dysport. It’s specifically designed to treat glabella lines, so its strength and blend ease the particular contractions causing these worry lines. Depending on your personal needs, Dysport may be suitable for use in other locations. You can discuss this with your AIM caregiver to design an effective aesthetics plan that’s customized to your face. 

Immediate results

Other products of this type can take up to six days to produce optimal effects. The unique properties of Dysport means you’ll see maximum results in three days or less. This is due to the variation of neuromodulator used and its dispersion characteristics. 

Enhanced spread

A natural look depends on careful blending with untreated expression muscles. Dysport accomplishes this through its enhanced spreading properties. Muscle relaxation is both subtle and smoothly blended. 


The Food and Drug Administration approved Dysport with an expected duration of four months, but your experience may be longer. You could see effective results lasting up to six months before re-treatment is necessary.

Preventive potential

Though not by design, there’s anecdotal evidence that botulinum toxin treatments may have both preventive and cumulative effects. Early treatments may prevent the formation of deep glabella lines, and with regular care, you may find you need less frequent treatments or fewer injections. 

Learn more about Dysport and what it can offer for you by contacting our office. You can request an appointment by phone or online. Book today to start formulating a personal cosmetic plan featuring Dysport or any other of our anti-aging treatments. See you soon! 

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